2017 Pocket Page Album Catch Up!

Do you ever look through your old albums?

I love to look through my albums. I love the pictures, and being reminded of things that have happened that I felt were important to write down and document.

A few days ago, I pulled out my 2017 Project Life album. I knew it wasn’t finished, but I had put all of the pictures in it last year as I had them printed. As I was going through it, I realized how close it was to being finished. I decided right then to just sit down and finish it.

A nice and thick album!

Title page

Luckily, I had dated most of my photos, and still remembered stories that I wanted to write about. If I had waited too much longer, I probably would not have remembered most of them!

3×4 card included in my album for an extra journaling space

I recorded my catch-up process in two parts. You can see Part I HERE, and Part II HERE.

I want to encourage you to just sit down and finish your albums. Not every page has to be a work of art. Sometimes just getting in the flow will produce pages that look just fine, and trust me, you will be so happy to have these memories documented!

Documented a few “currents” in my life. Glad I wrote these down at the time!

Included details on “odds and ends” in reference to the pictures on this page. Just a few small details!

June 2018 Stash Kit Review

The Stash Kit I made for June 2018 lasted for 2 months! I had such a great time these last couple of months documenting exclusively with this kit and have absolutely loved it. I’ve learned so much and have really had a chance to work on my style and figuring out what works for me.

I posted a video on my YouTube channel that you can watch here. I go through what worked for me with this kit, and what I plan on changing for my next kit.

For one thing, I made this kit too big to last me for just one month. I thought I had when I was putting it together, but I loved everything that I had picked for this kit so much that I couldn’t take anything out! But, although this kit was big, I was more than happy to use it for 2 months because there was so much variety within the kit I didn’t get bored with it.

Also in the video, I share all 9 (NINE!) layouts I made using this kit. I’m so thrilled I got 9 layouts scrapped! It was so nice to be able to sit down at my desk and just start playing with finding the design right away because my supplies were already chosen and ready to be used. It has helped my creative flow so much!

Here are shots of 7 of the layouts I made using this kit. Each one turned out so different, which I wasn’t expecting when using set products. It was a fun challenge!

I’ve noticed quite a few scrapbookers participate in scrapping from a kit they’ve put together these past couple of months. Who here joined in the fun? How did it go? Would you do it again? I know I will!

Thanks for stopping by!

Black and White vs. Color

A question I get asked quite frequently and that I see others get asked as well is the age old question of which photo to scrapbook: Black and white, or color?

I do not have a “go-to” where I use one more than the other, but there are a few things I look at when deciding.

1. The colors in the photo.

The colors in the photo is the number one reason I will print out a picture in black and white. I love simplicity, so when there are too many colors going on in one photo where it can be distracting, that photo is getting edited to be black and white.

2. The mood of the layout.

This is the next piece I look at. How do I want the layout to feel? A black and white photo can be good if I want the story/journaling on the page to be the main focus. Or, if the picture doesn’t have much to do with the journaling then I will use a black and white photo. I like how this makes the photo more of a participant among the scrapbook supplies I use, rather than standing out from them.

3. The scrapbook supplies.

Sometimes, I will know ahead of time what supplies I want to use for a particular photo. If the supplies look nice with the photo, then I am happy to keep it colored! But if there’s a lot of clashing that would be happening between the supplies and the photo, then black and white it is!

Do you have a go-to? How do you decide if you use a color photo or edit it to be black and white? Let me know in the comments!

Inspired By: Paper of the Past

As a scrapbooker, I am constantly on the lookout for anything that inspires me. Today I would like to share with you who has grabbed my attention the past few weeks.

I first discovered Paper of the Past on Instagram and it instantly intrigued me. The curator of this account and website is Mandy. Mandy searches the country for old scrapbooks, some dating back to the 1800s, and then photographs and shares the stories. She posts snippets of scrapbooks as a series using hashtags so that her followers can go back and see and read what she has shared from a person’s life. It has been such an interesting peek into the past to read how people document their stories, and what their lives were like.

I thought I would share with you a couple of my favorite posts that Mandy has shared on the Paper of the Past Instagram so you can see what I’m loving!

This is a scrapbook where a mother has sewn pieces of fabric from her daughters clothes throughout her childhood. Can you imagine having a treasure like this from your childhood, your parents childhood, or you child’s childhood? That would be amazing. You can see more pictures and information if you click on the image.

This belongs to a series of posts, where we learn about a girl named Leona, and her experiences when she meets a boy she calls BW. What Mandy has shared so far is so intriguing, I can’t wait to read more! Click on the image to read Leona’s story.

There’s so many more treasures on this account. I just love seeing how many memories are found in these pages. I love the sentimentality, and the different voices. I love the memorabilia and seeing what pieces of ephemera these scrapbookers felt was important to keep. I love the insights these scrapbooks give into a different time of our country. These have inspired me to include more everyday stories and items into my scrapbooks (finally–a place for movie ticket stubs to go!)

I hope you peruse the Paper of the Past account and blog and find as much inspiration and joy from it as I have.

Let me know if you have any historical scrapbooks in your life! I would love to hear about them–who they are from and what’s inside them!

June 2018 Stash Kit Layout #1

I’m happy to share the first layout that I did using the Stash Kit that I put together for June! It’s a simple layout, but I love the simplicity of it.

I recorded my process, so you can see how it came together here.

My main goal for this layout was to make sure it had a good flow–that my eyes could follow the picture and the set up of the embellishments easily. It’s not too busy, and I like the coolness of the color palette.

I didn’t use a lot of items in my kit, but as this is the first layout I am not concerned with that–I know a lot more will be used up!

Working with a kit is proving to be very helpful for my process. I love that I get to sit down and right away start the fun part of this hobby–actually making something!

Stash Kit June 2018

Hello! I’m so excited to be back to working on my creative goals.

Before I took some time off, I had started to ask myself some questions about my memory keeping. Was I happy with my work? Was I happy in the stories I was documenting? Was I happy with the format? Was I making the effort to prepare these memories properly for my family? All of these questions have been on my mind, and I am working on making sure I feel good about how I spend my time creating and documenting.

Part of this is making sure that when I have the time to scrapbook, I can take full advantage of that! This is why I have decided to create a kit from my stash.

I love my stash. I make sure I only buy those things that I really love that I know I will use. This helps me keep my stash small, and helps me work through it so that I can buy more things that I love.

I’ve posted a video on YouTube that you can see here, but I want to explain a little bit more here than I did on the video.

While I was brainstorming this kit, I first wanted to get advice from fellow scrapbookers that have made a stash kit. I began my research with YouTube, and watched Jen Schow’s videos. She does a fantastic job putting together kits that include old and new pieces which I found so exciting. The next place I stopped by for advice was (of course) the Scrap Gals Facebook community. I love this group of ladies (and man). Everyone is so friendly, and it’s such a safe place to get advice from like-minded people! I got a few great pointers from these ladies that I wanted to share here.

1. Include products you love. I was told that if I included products I loved, I would find more motivation to work with the kit I create.

2. Create the kit with a few stories in mind. This helps me know if I need to include anything special in the kit. For this kit, I included washi tape with the specific purpose of taping in a few instax photos I have printed to go along with a journal entry I have previously written. Because I knew which picture and stories I wanted on a couple of layouts, I could plan ahead of time what to include. Also as part of this piece of advice, someone mentioned including a few sketch ideas, too. I love to work from sketches, so this works for me!

3. Journal ahead of time. This is perfect for what I want to document using this kit. I keep a journal of different stories that come to mind, and because I have taken some time off, I have a backlog of stories. Journaling ahead of time also helps when planning out pages as ideas come to mind.

With all of this in mind, my next step was deciding how to start my kit. I went through all of my paper looking for a pattern that had enough interest and colors that sparked an idea. I didn’t find a paper that caught my eye in that way, so I had to figure out where else I could start. I have a Pinterest board where I pin mood-boards that I find inspiring. I scrolled through that board, and found a pin that caught my eye.

Mood board my stash kit is based on.

I love how these colors flow together. They are bright, fresh, light, and dreamy. I also love how the yellow pops. Also on this mood board, you can see a variety of textures which I find very inspiring as well.

After I chose this as my inspiration, I went back to my paper, and from there everything came together fairly easily.

June 2018 Stash Kit storage.

My June 2018 stash kit laid out.

This kit is probably quite large for what I’ll be using it for. I typically use white card stock for the foundations of my layouts and projects, but I love to have these options. I also think a kit this size will help my layouts have different looks.

I really love how this kit came together. My goal is to use it for at least the month of June, with a goal of getting at least a handful of layouts done. I have a lot to scrapbook about since this past year has brought about a lot of happy and life-changing events. I have kept a journal through it all, so now I get to do the creative part!

If you have made a stash kit before, I would love to hear your process, and any advice you have. How big are your kits? Is there something you always have to include? How long do you plan on working with a single kit and how many layouts/projects do you hope to complete?

Thanks for stopping by and for sticking around this last year! I’m excited to be back, and look forward to sharing what I make with this!



Meet Vivian. She is our precious little baby girl who came into this world and immediately stole our hearts on April 24th.

It has been 2 weeks since our lives changed, and I already can’t imagine life without her. Vivian has become our favorite little person.

My husband and I have been taking this time off as a family of 3 to enjoy and figure out this parenting thing, and I just wanted to say thank you for your patience while I haven’t been adding new content or sharing new projects.

I cant wait to start creating again as this has been such a pivotal time in my life—one that I never want to forget.

In the mean time, please feel free to visit my Instagram, or YouTube channel, or leave a comments or questions on either of those platforms or here at my blog, and I will answer you!

Thank you for all of your support and well wishes, and welcome to all of my new followers! I can’t wait to get to know all of you better, and I hope you find some light, inspiration, and just generally good feelings here!

Life Update

Hello to my old and new friends!

I’m so grateful for all of you who have hung in there with me the past few months. It’s been a while since I have been here, but if you follow me on Instagram you know why I’ve been missing here. (If you aren’t following me on Instagram, feel free to check out more pictures here).

I am so excited to let you all know that any day now, my husband and I will be welcoming our first baby into the world! I have hoped for this day for a long time, and I am so grateful for this time in my life.

I had a terrible time with morning sickness for quite a while, and on top of all of that I got a promotion at my job. Between those two things and just trying to adjust and prepare, the creative side of my memory-keeping has taken a bit of a back seat. But I have continued making plans for new projects, finishing old projects, and jotting down ideas I am excited to share with you in the coming months (once I get a handle on our new life with a baby). If you want to see more content, please check out my youtube channel here, and feel free to leave comments or questions on any of these platforms.

Thank you for staying with me. I love this community, and I love the support and love I feel from you all. I can’t wait to get back here and start updating and creating regularly again.

Best to you all!


The Golden Scrapbook

A couple of months ago, my parents came to California to visit us. It was such a fun weekend trip that I have since scrapbooked about and will share in a couple of weeks.
During their weekend with us, my Mum brought her little golden scrapbook with herto share with me. It holds dozens of photos of my Mum’s childhood that I have never seen before, and didn’t know existed. It was such treasure to go through it!
I have asked if she would be ok that I share a few pictures I took of the album, and has graciously agreed!

Looking through her album, not only was I thrilled to see glimpses into her life before I came along, but the simplicity of it struck me. My Mum put this album together in the years leading up to my parent’s marriage in 1981. This was before the time of embellishments, pretty paper, thinkers, etc. She gathered photos, the dates, and her memories of these photos, and made notes of these memories. She included facts including dates, locations, people in the photos, as well as feelings including cheeky comments, references to her celebrity crushes (Jay Osmond), time spent with her friends, how she felt during vacations, family experiences, etc. This go the thinking about my own scrapbooking/memory keeping, and I have come to a few conclusions. Some of these are not new and have been said before, but they are worth mentioning here.

1. The memories are the most important thing in scrapbooking. I learned so much about my Mum. As we looked through the album together, she told me stories about the photos taken, and stories that he photos sparked in her memory. It was so fantastic to sit down with her and get this glimpse into life.

2. I want my scrapbooks and photo albums to have the same feel as the golden scrapbook. The blurbs my Mum wrote next to each photo had so much personality. I could hear her voice while reading. Yes, she wrote down facts and dates, but all of that information was written in her handwriting, and was accompanied by her thoughts–small ones like “Lucky me, not at school yet” referring to a back to school photo taken of her and her brother as he was entering school and she was still to young to go; and “I know I am hungry. Happily tucking in” next to a photo of her on a picnic. I love that the woman I know comes through in every page.

3. The minimal look of photos on black paper with white text made an impact. I love clean, simple design. This has always been somewhat of a struggle for me to achieve in my scrapbooking because I so love stickers and embellishments, and pretty paper. It’s difficult for me to find that balance between sticking to the bare minimum of what I need to keep my memories, and the desire to put everything I love on a page. Looking through my Mum’s scrapbook as show me that I don’t need all of the pretty things all of the time. When I was looking through it, I never felt sad that there wasn’t any Maggie Holmes die-cuts, that there were no thicker titles, or foam tape to pop up photos. I am now going to work harder to not get so caught up in the “pretty things,” to get to the core of why I scrapbook.

What a treasure this golden scrapbook is for everyone in my family. I know that I will love looking back through it again and again, and I am so grateful that my Mum took this time to put this together. The time, planning, and resources this hobby takes for us to keep up with it is well worth it! Scrap on, fellow scrappers.

December Daily, 2016

Well, I did it. I finished my December Daily for 2016. To be honest, I never imagined I would actually finish once January came and went. I kept up with this project for the first 2 weeks of December, and then we were out of town for 3 weeks. I assumed I would have the motivation to continue working on it while I was out of town–HA! Not the case. I was having too much fun to sit down and work. But thankfully, I journaled every single day.

You can see my intentions for this project in this blog post I did last year. I had great plans, had been thinking about it or a few months, and loved what I had come up with. I wanted to just walk through what I ended up sticking with, and what I ended up with.

I just want to give a shout out to Tracey Fox of Scrappy Like A Fox for suggesting in the Scrap Gals Community Facebook page that July be #ScrappyChristmasInJuly. It gave me the push I needed to complete my December Daily. Thanks Tracey!

Original Plans vs. Final Product

(I posted a video to Youtube you can view here. It will quickly show you what I decided to do with my existing December Daily.)

This project started off in a 6×8 format, using an Ali Edward’s album. I cut that down to 3×8 to simplify my process and make this project what I was hoping it would become–a record of this time of my life.

I kept the format of 1 picture per day, one story per day through December 25th, then kept it to a story per day from the 26th through the 31st. I didn’t have an Instax printer at the time, so the photos were pictures I snapped with my Instax Mini camera. They aren’t the best quality, but they work just fine. I kept all of those photos in the final product. The stories came from a journal I kept daily all through the month. This made the process much simpler as I didn’t have to go back and try to remember everything from every day. I used digital journaling cards from Peppermint Granberg’s One Little Bird shop called “December In Review,” and just typed my journaling. Typing allowed me to fit a lot of detail on 3×4 cards. In the end, I just slotted the journaling cards in the slots, and used washi tape to tape the instax photos on the outside of the pocket. This kept the mini album nice and ting, and worked great as I was short on page protectors.

For the front cover, I just used a paper I had stamped “wishes” on in a repeating pattern, and cut that down to 3×8. I used stickers to indicate the year of 2016, and used foam dots to pop up a Maggie Holmes wreath sticker. I love the black and white simplicity of the cover.For the back cover, I used a transparency I got from a Michaels store, cut that down to a 3×8 and slipped it in a page protector. I keep the album together with some yarn I have had for a few years. It is textured and cute and I like what it adds to the album. I tied it to the middle of the 3 rings, and just wrap it around the album.

Done and Done! It feels to good to have this completed. It was on my mind whenever I sat down to Scrapbook, and I hated that it was just collecting dust as an unfinished project. It turned out very different from what I intended it to be originally, but I am so happy with the finished product and style, but most of all I am happy that my stories are preserved and ready to be re-visted.

How are your Christmas/December projects going? Do you have other projects that need finishing? I know I do! And now that I have finished one of them, I know that it is more than possible to finish others, and that feels so good!


Super Simple, Super Fun

After about a month of no scrapbooking or creating of any kind, I jumped back on the wagon and I’m excited to share what I did!

We had family in town for most of May, and it was such a great stay-cation for us! But I had the itch to get back to scrapbooking for most of that time. As a scrapbooker, there are ebbs and flows in which we will have all the time and creative energy in the world, and at other times the time is no where to be found and our energy is low. This is true for any creative, and as I experienced the no-time issue this past month I didn’t give myself any grief for not creating anything. I just kept reminding myself that my time would come.

Last week, the scrapbooking time came! It took me a bit of playing to get back into the groove, and I must admit that I’m still getting back into it, but the process was fun and fulfilling. Here is the final product:


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It is simple and subtle, which is exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things.

I added a few details here and there help it feel complete and a little more intricate than it actually is. For example, I stapled the fringe to the page, I double stamped the date, I added some shine mist.

Its the little details that make this process so fun for me.

You can see my process video here, or you can get to my YouTube channel from the menu. In the video, you will see how I start with quite a bit of product out, then slowly take most of it away. Sometimes, less is more in scrapbooking, and now I feel warmed up and ready to do more!



Our Happy Little Moments

Hey all!

I’m still riding the sketch train, and loving the journey.

Today, I found a sketch from Inspired Blueprints that was perfect for the photos I had printed this week. For Earth Day, Daren and I went to Half Moon Bay, a beach are just outside of San Francisco. We had never been before, but had heard wonderful things about it. It was Daren’s Birthday Weekend as well, so these two celebrations provided a perfect opportunity for pictures. I snapped a few selfies, and they make my heart super happy.

Here is the sketch I based my layout on.


I loved the concept of this sketch. The multiple photos, the floating embellishments lining the layers, the layers back in the photos. I just love it all.

Here is the layout I made today. It’s busy, and different from what I usually do, but I love how it turned out.

FullSizeRender 47

As you can see, I made a few changes from the sketch. I changed the hearts to circles, using a 1.25 inch circle punch, made the photo size smaller so I could add an additional photo to the layout, changed the placement slightly of the layers backing the photos, and added the title to the top third of the page.

After I took the full size photo, I realized I had neglected to add two very important details–the date, and the location. I have the journaling typed up that I wrote down when we got home that day, but I don’t know where to put it. Any ideas? I could add a separate page just for the journaling, but I haven’t decided yet. Ideas are welcome!

Yay for sketches, yay for creative people who can point me in the right direction, yay for happy memories and fun selfies, yay for keeping happy memories alive!

Have a good weekend! I hope you get some creative time to play!